UMCs and hospitals: flexible training important solution to problem


The challenges in the healthcare labor market are great. In order to be able to meet the demand for healthcare of tomorrow, university medical centers (umcs) and hospitals are working to increase the intake and retention of employees in healthcare. The UMCs and hospitals emphasize in a letter (pdf) to the House of Representatives that flexible training is an important solution to the personnel problem. On 6 July, the House of Representatives will debate the labor market policy in the healthcare sector with Minister Conny Helder of Long-term Care and Sport.

The power of flexible training Together with care and training institutions,

CZO Flex Level is making and renewing the CZO-recognised (further) training for specialized nurses and medically supportive care professionals. Thanks to CZO Flex Level, healthcare organizations can train professionals flexibly and often faster to provide good and safe care, today and tomorrow. Professionals in training follow learning routes that suit the care demand in their institution and learn – very effectively – only what is necessary for their own workplace. CZO Flex Level looks creatively at training and development opportunities. This improves the inflow and throughput of personnel, healthcare professionals gain more career prospects and they are retained in healthcare.

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